Saturday, 12 December 2015

Short-eared Owls, still at Elliot

There were at least two Short-eared Owls at Elliot today hunting on the golf course and dunes and being left in peace without the throng of photographers chasing them around the area. I have found it's best to observe the birds and choose a spot and wait for them to provide a photo opportunity and I think that works well. On many occasions I've turned up chosen my spot and gone home shortly afterwards with good photos.

Video clip here taken with the SX60 using stealth!!

Taken with my Canon SX60 through the railway fence from the car park as I was leaving to go home.

From the walkway on my DSLR.

Ditto above

And again

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A collection taken between Lunan Bay and Montrose Basin.

I had gone out looking for a Glaucous Gull but the tide was too high and I couldn't find any ploughing going on where I'd hoped the gulls would be feeding, maybe the ground is still too wet for ploughing?

Buzzard at Bridge of Dun

Cormorant from the Lunan Hide (SX60)

Cormorants at Mains of Usan

Fieldfare at Bridge of Dun

Keeping an eye on the Buzzard in the photo above

Leucistic Oystercatcher for yet another winter. (SX60)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Peregrine in an Angus town

I found this Peregrine sitting in a field with a second bird and guessed correctly where it went when it flew off. Photo taken with a Canon SX60.

Peregrine video, click here


Sunrise from the Old Brewhouse in Arbroath.