Thursday, 14 July 2016

Arbroath Cliffs Walk, butterflies, and fledged Ospreys

Arbroath Cliffs or as the SWT call them, Seaton Cliffs. Warm enough and light enough winds brought out butterflies and day flying moths but without a macro lens I couldn't get all of the photos I wanted and missed out on Six Spot Burnet Moths, Meadow Brown butterflies and the ubiquitous Green Veined White butterflies.

A short walk out as far as the Mariners Grave a small inlet where I found the usual Kittiwakes, Fulmars and Herring Gulls nesting, with House and Sand Martins flying about and a single Shag and Razorbill sitting on the tide line. I got good views but must find somewhere with light as photos taken into the gulley are difficult. All photos except the Osprey taken with my DSLR and 600mm lens, the Ospreys on a less than sunny day with the Canon SX60.

Osprey and nearly fledged chick, click here for video

Female Common Blue Butterfly

Male Common Blue Butterfly

Ringlet Butterfly


Kittiwake with chicks

The adult Osprey is trying to encourage the juvenile into the air, it eventually flew across the short gap from the island to a tree. Another chick took its place and the two others remained in or on the nest

Rock Pipit, adults and young birds all along the path at the cliffs along with Linnets and families of Reed Buntings