Thursday, 20 October 2016

Another odd Goose at Murton NR

I've asked for help with the ID of the parents of this goose which looks to be part Barnacle and maybe Greylag, but I'll post anything I get back from the expert. The bird is at Murton NR near Forfar amongst a large flock of Greylags along with 1 Pink-footed and a Barnacle was there just a few days ago. The Whoopers are just the second small group I've seen this autumn, and the last photo from Kinnordy shows what the cuddly Beavers do!

The short neck and colours of a Barnacle methinks

Smaller than a Greylag, nearer to a Pink-footed

A look at the wings so people more clever than me can decide an ID

Pink-footed Goose

Greylag for comparison

Six Whooper Swans, always as far from the hides as they could get, this one from the Gladstone Hide

Mute Swan which was involved in a fracas with another pair

The latest handy work by one of the Beavers at Kinnordy, this time beside the walkway at the Swamp Hide. I suspect it will have to come down for safety reasons if the Beaver hasn't finished the job overnight. This is a six inch diameter tree at least and this looks like one nights work

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Some leaving and others just arriving, it will soon be winter

The first Whooper Swans I've seen, more than sixty Swallows going south and a Wheatear still around feeding. All of those along the beach between Elliot and Hatton on the Angus coast

A late Northern Wheatear which I'd hoped to find was one of the rarer species but I can't, that doesn't mean I'm right! All along the beaches where rock armour had been installed various species were topping up for migration on the swarms of flies

The first Whooper Swans of the season in Angus I believe

Female Stonechat near Elliot

Male Stonechat about 500 metres from the female

Goldcrest near Auchmithie

Tempted out of a tree by a call on my phone so Olive could see this little charmer

Some of around 50 Oystercatchers near Hatton

A Rock Pipit at Arbroath Harbour surrounded by a cloud of those pesky flies which don't seem to have any sense of direction, and they don't taste good either

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Arbroath Harbour at Inchcape Park

Now five Purple Sandpipers, gone out to look for more, write up later today......

Although bright and sunny there was a gale blowing in from the sea which meant the waves were coming over the breakwater forcing the waders to roost on the beach. The Purple Sandpipers spent most of the time I was there sleeping but you'll see below I managed to capture a few.

Turnstone near the Signal Tower, by then another cloud had covered the late afternoon sun

Black-headed Gull, by then I was trying not to go home in case I had to make the tea

One of the young Pied wagtails showing more than a "tinge" of yellow on its face. Some elsewhere are even more yellow but are camera shy