Friday, 31 March 2017

Little Gulls and a first Wheatear for 2017

There were 42 Little Gulls today on the Island Pond at Monikie CP hunting flies in a strong wind which also made photography a bit awkward. These gulls pass through on their northward migration and won't stay very long at all. I searched the beach at Westhaven later in the hope of a Wheatear which I didn't get and found one when checking if the Purple Sandpipers were still at Arbroath, success.

Little Gull, a 1st winter bird

Little Gull adult

Another youngster

Wheatear at Inchcape, Arbroath a first for the year. I was late for my tea when I delayed to get this quick shot

Redshanks at Westhaven looking for a safe and undisturbed roost near high tide

Ringed Plover at Inchcape where 24 Purple Sandpipers remain

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