Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Small Blue, Spoonbills and a "Trample"

A few photos of the Spoonbills which remain far away while the tide is out, as I don't have a "patience gene" I haven't persisted with trying to find them close in nearer high tides, yet....

The first photo taken through a throng of people is of the scarce Small Blue Butterfly. I had hoped to go back for a decent photo with my DSLR but it's rained ever since. I was able to see first-hand why "naturalists" (mostly birders) would as a group be called, "a trample"!! (Quote; Jim Cook)

A single Oystercatcher chick produced or surviving so far from an exposed nest, click here for video

Small Blue Butterfly on Barry Buddon. (Canon SX60)

Crop of one of the Spoonbills at Montrose Basin, taken from Maryton Ditch when the birds were in a channel at least 200 metres out


This was a very short flight when they moved between two nearby channels where they feasted on many small, and not so small flounders

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