Friday, 18 August 2017

Rainy Day Rail

I can't wait for summer, or is it already past. Yet another day when the forecast wasn't very accurate, at least time-wise and I got caught out again by heavy rain and had to take shelter in the Bank of Scotland Hide at Montrose Basin SWT Centre. If this goes on I might have to invest in waterproofing for my camera and get used to having poor light, moan, moan, moan....

A juvenile Water Rail still with feathers in pin which ran across a small gap jumping about in the same way as a Stoat might, very weird and difficult to get a photo in the rain when a bird is so erratic

It paused for a second

There were 19 Grey Herons in front of the hide sheltering from the weather and despite it being a large area they still disputed which one would get the best spot out of the wind

This Sand Martin at Murton on 17/8/2017 was one of a few still in the nest holes and some of these late broods had managed three chicks all about to fledge

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