Saturday, 11 March 2017

Goosander and some video

Not much to say or post so I've included some video links from my Webs count at Easthaven today and two from Murton NR. All in poor light hence the video and not stills, plus I can only carry so much kit doing the Webs.

Turnstones, click here for video                                       Bullfinch male at Murton

Grey Wagtail and Reed Buntings                                     Bullfinch female at Murton

Goosander duck at Keptie Pond

Red Squirrel, Montreathmont Forest

Forfar Loch

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Black Redstart at Mains of Usan, Montrose

Over ambitious about how good the new lens should be so I ended up with photos of a Black Redstart that could have been much better, I'll likely try again with more cautious settings. I also visited Montrose Basin at the Bank of Scotland Hide to get out of the blustery, frequent and heavy rain showers. The two videos are from March 7th.

Inverkeilor Waxwings video, click here  feeding on berries at the side of the A92

"Far out baby" just as the 51 Scaup were, click here for video

Black Redstart on the beach at Mains of Usan just south of Montrose

When not feeding on the strand line along the beach it retreated to some lobster pots in front of the farm

A favourite perch even in the wind today, I'd set this up with far too much depth of field which wasn't needed and I couldn't keep still due to the wind, sitting on the wet ground or maybe just the drink......

Pintail drake which apparently visits the salt pans in front of the SWT Bank of Scotland Hide often

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Otters, Mum and her two kids

A once in a long time experience today when I found a mother Otter with two large cubs swimming freely in the middle of the day. Earlier on Montrose Basin I found my target for the day, some Scaup and just before I moved on the Little Egret flew in.

One of the cubs having a look at me when I was crawling along the path at the Lurgies

The same Otter wondering what I was doing, its mother had swum further upstream

Both of the young Otters

Still Waxwings around and this one is one of seven on the outskirts of Inverkeilor and the only photo I managed with the sun shining on it. Later in the day when the sun has moved around the sky the light would be great, today when I drove past they'd disappeared....

Little Egret flying up the far bank near Miss Erskine's Bank

The last I saw of the Egret as it dropped into this channel and out of view

Some of a flock of 51 Scaup but very far out on the Basin. Seen from Maryton Ditch

The first Lesser Black-backed Gull I've seen this year and was at the mouth of the Brothock Burn at Danger Point, Arbroath (The Old Brewhouse area)

It was getting late in the day when I came across this Great Black-backed Gull with one of two crabs it was guarding from the other smaller Herring Gulls

Now it was really poor light but I'm exploring the limits of the new lens

Cormorant from Montrose Basin

Monday, 6 March 2017

Chiffchaffs in Ferryden, or nearaboots

A surprise find today on the track to Scurdie Ness Lighthouse near Ferryden, Montrose, a couple of Chiffchaffs which I think may be over-wintering birds and not early arrivals. There were Purple Sandpipers in the area but not much else to see. Elsewhere two large mixed flocks of Corn Buntings, Reed Buntings, Yellowhammers, Tree Sparrows and Linnets, one near Auchmithie and the other at Lunan Village


With a small spider in its beak, looks to have red stripes?

I can't say for sure if I got photos of each Chiffchaff, they look different but the light kept changing and they were in and out of the shade in some willows. I did have two photos with both and saw them together briefly. The pink/red background is an oil support vessel in the harbour hundreds of metres distant