Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's Montreathmont time again

Indulge me this collection from Montreathmont Forest, I'm posting them in an effort to encourage some people I know to visit the hide and see there's more to birds than the Blackbird in their garden and the Buzzards on the fence-posts. 

Lesser Redpoll, click here for DSLR HD video

Male Siskins, click here for DSLR HD video

Long-tailed Tits, click here for DSLR HD video

Lesser Redpoll

Long-tailed Tits, there are seven, count the tails if you don't believe it

Long-tailed Tit

Male Siskin

Male Yellowhammer


Blue Tit

Male Chaffinch

Coal Tit

Elliot Beach looking towards Hatton, 1545

Arbroath Golf Course, 1610

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