Thursday, 1 February 2018

Redshank fight and the "ultimate" Iceland Gull sequence

The first two photos were taken from the Wigeon Hide at Montrose Basin at high tide when the water had over-flowed the bank and reached right up to the hide. There were a number of Redshanks feeding and doing their usual thing, flying around and chasing others off what they thought was a good feeding opportunity. Usually that's all that happens but this time a proper fight broke out and lasted a couple of minutes before one gave way.
I promised no more Iceland Gulls, but did say I might post any good photos and the ones below are perhaps the best I've managed so far as there was some decent light even though I got on the wrong side of it at first!

The bottom Redshank has the top one's leg in its beak. Photo taken in bright sunshine, I wondered what it was, the bright sunshine!

Still with the leg in the beak but the upper one is pecking hard into the lower birds back

I managed to find a Twite on its own which makes for a better photo as the flock usually has birds in different positions and distances and the photos always look messy

It's still too early in the year for the sun to light the area where this Water Rail is but it won't be long. From the Bank of Scotland Hide at the SWT Centre, Montrose Basin

Iceland Gull from here on and a Tufted Duck to finish with. I think I've covered all of the angles with this sequence starting with take off after it had been preening

Tufted drake at Keptie Pond, as usual late in the day when I'd gone to see Goosanders which I hope to get some photos of soon

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