Friday, 9 March 2018

Running out of Bittern time

Back to a frozen Loch of Kinnordy and still no Bittern sighting but I did get a Brambling in the shade at the feeders. Also and briefly, Balgavies, Victoria Park, Montrose Basin and my end of day backstop, Keptie Pond.

Brambling at the new feeder station at Kinnordy

Lesser Redpoll feeding on the track near the car park

Teal drake in front of the Swamp Hide

Tree Sparrow near the feeders

Whooper Swans from the Gullery Hide, two adult and one immature

Take a bow, or just stretch your wings

Long-tailed Tits on the peanut feeder at Balgavies Loch Hide. The loch had been frozen when I passed in the morning but was ice free when I stopped there at 1530

Grey Wagtail near Whiting Ness, Arbroath. These ones are from Thursday when I was trying out a camera for the first time

Rock Pipit at Victoria Park, Arbroath

Stonechat at the bottom of the ramp leading up to Arbroath Cliffs at Whiting Ness

The much photographed female Kingfisher at the Bank of Scotland Hide. Photo taken before I'd read the manual of a new camera, I still haven't but have guessed better settings!

The female Goosanders adopt this position when paired. I think it might be begging for food as it's too early and the wrong habitat for mating. Photo from Keptie Pond when looking for Lesser Black-backed Gulls, there weren't any but they are in Angus

Coot at the "steps" where the public feed the ducks, mostly with seed but still some with bread. Reminds me of my late primary then early secondary schooldays when at age 11 or 12 I already had size 11 feet. 

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