Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Scary man and the good guys. Which do you prefer?

Despite being stuck in the house (again) this time it's the weather and waiting for an important delivery. I'm also looking forward to the arrival, and departure of the new season's birds.

While browsing my own YouTube feed I was presented with the alternative offering, the first video below, and having seen these chaps but never heard them I thought I'd link to the video. The other videos have been filmed over the years but really I should have many more raptor videos and not just an odd lucky one.

Scary man, as seen in an Angus Glen, click here for video

Hen Harrier male in Angus, click here for video

Hen Harrier female in Angus, click here for video

Short-eared Owl, in Angus, click here for video

Peregrines mating in Aberdeenshire, click here for video

Kestrel near Arbroath, click here for video

Osprey and juvenile, Angus, click here for video

Merlin, Angus coast, click here for video

Sparrowhawk having lunch, click here for video

An over-wintering male Hen Harrier seen in Angus some years ago

A different male which was determined to move the Buzzard from its hunting site

Marsh Harrier pair, no evidence that I've seen or heard of these birds being persecuted in Scotland. These are the rarer of the two main harrier species we have. Photographed just after a food pass from the male to the female 

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