Thursday, 24 May 2018

House Sparrows 2018

A cleanse of my camera and computer before I start some surveys during which I probably won't carry a camera, or at least a good/heavy one.

Apologies if I've posted this before but it's about Angus where I live. It's a blog post on wildlife crimes investigated in Angus and includes a motion submitted to the Scottish Parliament.

The blog post, ignore the editors picture in the intro and read on. Click here to open

The first of the many expected broods of House Sparrows I'm expecting in my garden, although I didn't think they would be around for a week or so and some are still nest building on my roof

Dad doesn't seem to know what to do, or doesn't care

Mum no doubt has been the busy parent with regard to the chicks while Dad would have been the provider of food

A lonely Pink-footed Goose flew past the new Shelduck Hide at Montrose Basin on May 18th. It looked fit enough to have migrated and may yet

Same goose, both photos from the Lurgies path

Probably the last photo of a Red-breasted Merganser until the females emerge in a few weeks with their new broods

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