Saturday, 2 June 2018

Tiddlers and Toddlers

The first videos I've ever managed of newly hatched Little Ringed Plover chicks and from a safe place without any disturbance to the birds, even the three toddlers in the hide didn't bother them or me. It's good see how children appreciate wildlife if they are encouraged and informed.
Update on garden visitors, the first two Tree Sparrow chicks this year seen late afternoon today.

Click on the links below for video of the tiny balls of down

Little Ringed Plover chick                           Little Ringed Plover chicks                       Little Ringed Plover adult and chicks

Dad and one of two chicks at one of the local Little Ringed Plover sites

Even at 85 times zoom the chicks are still tiny in the frame

Out of shot are two Crows which the adult is trying to distract, fortunately an Oystercatcher is also chasing the crows as his partner continues to sit

A Small Magpie Moth on exactly the same hide window as one I photographed last year 366 days ago. The flash and macro were required for this one

Female Orange Tip Butterfly, it was just impossible to get a male as they are constantly flying around looking for a mate. Seen at Powmouth with at least 50 others

Dipper in the shade on the South Esk complete with colour rings. Ringer updated

One of the lucky survivors at Keptie Pond in Arbroath. Two Mallards both had multiple ducklings in their broods, now one has four the other only the one shown

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