Saturday, 21 February 2015

Auchmithie out of the cold wind, later Arbroath

Hiding at the bottom of the cliffs at Auchmithie out of the cold I got a few photos of birds in flight and although the sea was pretty flat not much was seen on the water. The Rock Pipit and Herring Gull were both at Whiting Ness, Arbroath and the gull was sitting on the same concrete post as always, even the same one last year.




Rock Pipit, Arbroath

Herring Gull T:524 at Whiting Ness

Montreathmont, Murton and Arbroath Harbour

A mixture from Montreathmont Forest, Murton, Keptie Pond and Arbroath Harbour. There was more light than recently getting into the forest so I tried to get flight shots of the Chaffinches who aren't the best at landing on the feeders, more light needed but I'm happy enough.

Blue Tit, Montreathmont

Chaffinch, Montreathmont

Crossbill, Montreathmont

Dunnock, Montreathmont

Siskin, Montreathmont

Goldeneye, Murton

Shoveler drake, Keptie Pond Arbroath

Mute Swan, offshore

Arbroath Inshore Lifeboat

Friday, 20 February 2015

Purple Sandpipers at Arbroath, 22 on the beach and 5 on the breakwater

There were 27 Purple Sandpipers at Arbroath today perhaps due to the spring tide, this may have been one of a few roosts available. The House and Tree Sparrows were squabbling over the feeders in my garden as usual which might be why I managed a photo today.

Purple Sandpiper video, click here

Purple Sandpiper, Arbroath

Purple Sandpiper

Sparrow conflict, Tree and House

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kinnordy, Grey Heron breakfast and Bittern

Although I got very good views of the Bittern, even in the open for a few minutes I'd been far too ambitious with the camera settings and only got record shots. I got on better with the Grey Heron which was considerably closer and providing a bit more action. The grainy Bittern photos first and the Heron firstly with a Pike and then a Perch, it caught four decent fish while I watched and the Pike could have been near a foot long.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hawfinch and Barnacle Goose, ADBC Trip

A trip to Scone Palace and Loch Leven with Angus and Dundee Bird Club on Sunday, target birds were the Hawfinches and around a dozen were seen high in the trees flitting around and making photos challenging at Scone. Loch Leven was quiet but I did find a Barnacle Goose with a flock of Pink Footed Geese and the Grey Heron is included as it was raising its crest, albeit not very high in the photo I got!

Hawfinch video, Hawfinch

Barnacle Goose video, Barnacle

Hawfinch, high in the trees


Barnacle and Pink Footed Geese

Barnacle and Pink Footed Goose size comparison

Grey Heron, Carden Hide

Loch Leven from the Carden Hide, Vane Farm