Friday, 14 June 2019

Grey Partridges on the beach!

Some photos from a quick visit to the Lurgies, the tide had come in too quick. It was pretty windy so I decided to go to Scurdie Ness where it was really windy. Fortunately the birds along the track were in the shelter of the hill, and the shadows!

The often over-looked Meadow Pipit, into the glare

Early Canada Geese

At the Lurgies


Early returning Goldeneye, or did it ever leave

The last thing I expected to see from the steps at the Ferryden car park end of the Scurdie Ness track, a Grey Partridge! I'd heard two calling to each other near the Lighthouse, surely the two here


Linnet male

I got my timing wrong at the Lurgies and the tide was in, lucky then that the Red-breasted Mergansers put on a display a bit closer in

A lot closer in. The wing panels show up well here and you can see why the male looks whiter when on the water

These Sand Martins were feeding over a channel in front of the Slunks but wouldn't oblige by coming close. I'm not seeing many Sand Martins, Swallows and Swifts, but House Martins around my house appear to be doing Ok

One of at least five Sedge Warblers on the Scurdie track

Skylark, taken into the light, what there was of it. It was involved in a territory dispute with another Skylark

One of my garden Yellowhammers taken through the double-glazing during Thursday's rain

This one was taking food into a nest at Ferryden

Another but different Sedge Warbler

This Whitethroat was singing on some Willows

If it sits still it gets its photo taken, Woodpigeon on the track

Monday, 10 June 2019

Spoonbill - Lurgies

I've been assuming that eventually one of the seven or more Spoonbills up at the Strathbeg/Ythan area would turn up at Montrose Basin, and tonight one did. I hope it stays to let people see it.

Spoonbill video, click here to play

Spoonbill, flew into the basin at the Lurgies on Monday evening and landed out on the mud to feed, never near

Red-breasted Merganser, eight around tonight

Cropped out of a photo of three

Backwater Cuckoo in the rain

A curtailed trip to Backwater Dam when the skies opened and flooded the roads. I retreated to Kinnordy where it was nearly as bad, further east it looked better so I went home!

Some photos taken in a real mixture of light, some sunny, most dull and a few in rain.

It was raining and the Cuckoo was sitting on wires too far away so I've resorted to playing around with a stack

A second Cuckoo which flew along the hillside as I tried to find some shelter

Raining, the original bird


and Stonechat juvenile

Willow Warbler

Common Sandpiper

Oystercatcher sheepishly trying to avoid pointing out its nest

Pied Wagtail and mate behind


Common Gull