Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A cathode day - look it up and learn something

Obviously I'm under restrictions, but because I know the land around here well, the access points, paths and popular places, so far I'm almost avoiding seeing other people. To be honest, that's nothing new, when bird-watching and more so when a camera is present it's not useful to have people (dogs) around scaring the wildlife. Ask Olive, who is subject to what she thinks are arbitrary rules on where to walk, which side, how slow or fast, and the pink jacket! Sounds paranoid, but just imagine sitting for an hour waiting for the Avocet you're stalking to wander over to where you're hiding and someone from nowhere says, "seeing anything interesting".......Avocet flies away

Still trying to ID the fox in the video as last years vixen, failed so far.

Grey Wagtail, click here for video

Pintail drake / Mallard hybrid, click here for video

Fox in my garden on camera trap, click here for video 

Fulmars on my alternative exercise route, it's a good route where it's rare to see anyone and especially now I've found an inaccessible hide out



The Needle's E'e

Life on the edge, the cliff edge. Rock Pipit

Scurvy Grass

Shag at 90 metres, measured on Google Maps

Grey Wagtail, a bird that's been around all winter

Lesser Black-backed Gull

I believe both birds are Pintail/Mallard hybrids

The white marking on its neck is growing in brown, the shadow of a Mallard bib still shows in the bright sun and the legs are yellow. The video above clearly shows the green of a Mallard on its head. Other than that it looks very Pintail and attracts a lot of attention

Pinned on a fence

I thought the frogs had completed spawning but they're still at it

Sunday, 29 March 2020


The frogs ardour has subsided, all of the females must have mated, today's interest and briefly was a Yellowhammer. Three are visiting daily but the feral pigeons spook themselves and everything else frequently, I may have to eat them if my Red Cross Parcel doesn't turn today.

Yellowhammer in my garden, click here for video

In isolation like the rest of society, click here for video

In a bit of shaded cotoneaster

Saturday, 28 March 2020

"Red Doggie" for Tiffin

There won't be any photos, or rants from Saturday as I'm waiting delivery of a Red Cross Parcel. So here's a few from Friday, again taken while on my current exercise route at West Links in Arbroath. 

Below a video of a Cormorant with a rockling, there are three species, shore, three bearded and five bearded, I can't tell which but I'll try and grab a frame from the video. I used catch them on the rocks when I was primary school age, we knew them as Red Doggies!

Cormorant with a Bearded Rockling, click here for video

Cormorant, one of two fishing in front of the paddling pool at West Links. It had just caught a small flounder and was manipulating it to swallow

Flounder shape in it's throat

Strangely elegant!

These two were on the breakwater at Inchcape Park, look to be married.....

Who would have thought that a sea bird which dives for its food wouldn't be waterproof and have to drip dry

3rd winter Great Black-backed Gull. There were 17 at different ages on the breakwater

Comparison between 1st winter Herring Gull and 1st winter Great Black-backed Gull

Most of the Oystercatchers have gone leaving mostly 1st year birds, I'd photographed this one which was unusually brown and only had one pale grey leg

A Rock Pipit which stood out compared to others, mainly the white tail feather which is a feature of a Water Pipit. I don't think anything else matches that though, perhaps they can interbreed or it's just an aberration

Stonechat female which was with a male at Elliot Mouth