Friday, 7 May 2021

Whimbrels and a Shag doomed to die

It's nearly all videos in this post as I only took the P1000 out due to the wind and rain at East Haven on Thursday, it did clear up eventually.
Note, yet again I found a bird with fishing line tangled around its feet, unfortunately it was still able to evade capture so I couldn't remove it. The last time this happened I wrote to the Sea Angling Clubs......none replied. I think given the lack of constituency voting for the Greens that people don't think it's worth saving the planet long term. Why should I care I'll be gone by the time it happens, I don't have kids and my step-grandkids  have been told it's up to them to save their own skin!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Golden Eagle - new poisoning case investigation

Another case of raptor poisoning is currently being investigated by Scottish Police.

Photo from the RSPB below, and text from the RP blog below that. 

Further to yesterday’s news that Police Scotland had conducted a raid, under warrant, on Invercauld Estate following the discovery of a poisoned golden eagle (see here), the police have just issued the following statement:

Officers are continuing enquiries into the poisoning of a bird of prey found dead near to Crathie in Aberdeenshire

On Friday, 19 March, 2021, a Golden Eagle was found dead on a hillside on the Invercauld Estate.

Subsequent forensic examination confirmed the bird had been illegally and intentionally poisoned.

Extensive enquiries are being carried out and on Tuesday, 4 May, 2021, officers acting under warrant, searched a number of properties on the Invercauld Estate. No arrests were made and enquiries are ongoing. 

Detective Constable Daniel Crilley, wildlife crime unit said: “Poisoning a bird or animal is not only cruel and callous but it can also harm other wildlife. Illegal persecution of raptors will not be tolerated. It is one of the six priorities set by the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit and Raptor Persecution is the current focus of Police Scotland’s year-long campaign, Operation Wingspan.

We are determined to protect these magnificent birds and here in the North East, we work closely with a number of partners, such as the RSPB and NatureScot, to tackle wildlife crime, which can be particularly challenging to investigate.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Gary Cunningham, wildlife crime lead for Police Scotland, said: “Scotland’s rich, rare and diverse wildlife and landscapes are among its biggest attractions. We cannot allow the indiscriminate use of poisons and pesticides to threaten our natural heritage.

Police Scotland, working with our key partners, is committed to protecting our wildlife habitats and to bringing those who seek to destroy or harm it, to justice.”

Ian Thomson, RSPB Scotland’s Head of Investigations said: “Raptor persecution crimes on grouse moors in this area happen regularly. In 2019, a young eagle was photographed caught in a trap less than two miles from here, and in 2016, a line of illegal traps targeting birds of prey was found set across the hill less than three miles away. The perpetrators of these crimes don’t just threaten wildlife, but put at risk the reputation of the area and the jobs dependent on the associated tourist industry.”

Members of the public are police’s eyes and ears and anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to call Police Scotland via 101, quoting incident number 2757 of 19 March 2021.

If you are commenting on this blog (Raptor Persecution), please remember this is a live investigation and nobody has been arrested in connection with the poisoning of this eagle, yet alone charged or convicted. Libellous comments will not be published. Thanks.

Monday, 3 May 2021

I love to go a wandering

Family visits have interrupted my routine and I haven't been out other than a walk down to Buddon Ness. I also spent some time fixing a non-booting PC, this one I'm posting on which had two separate issues which at first I couldn't see!  

I love to go a here

The first "Panorama" I've taken with a new phone and I'm impressed with the result, it's taken at Buddon Ness looking north

This one is from my P1000 set to auto and as wide as I could get and aimed at capturing the dark cloud coming our way on an otherwise sunny day

Only the male Greenfinches are coming to my feeders now which is good news, as the females will be brooding eggs or chicks. I hope they do better than last year when each of the three pairs appeared to have just one chick each

A very rare visitor to my garden, a Jackdaw with the shadow of the feeder on its head

The latest "Super Moon" known as the Pink Moon and named by Native Americans because it appears when meadows in the USA are full of pink flowers. I can't remember the flowers name, I can barely remember mine. There is a "Moon" setting in the P1000 which could have made this look pink(ish) but I resisted this time

Thursday, 29 April 2021

It's a mad, sad world we live in.....


it's an Elephant hunt from Botswana some years ago where the head of the US National Rifle Association (NRA) and his wife shoot two elephants. Great work from The New Yorker and The Trace for exposing this. 

It's a strange and cruel world we are living in, and I've just heard on the radio that people are ripping out hedges and replacing them with "plastic ones". 

Never mind, they say that the cockroaches will inherit the world, or perhaps they already have in a different form........

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Wheatear passage along the coast

It was 8 degrees with a NNE wind down the coast when I went looking for white winged gulls at Victoria Park in Arbroath, maybe just a bit late now, none. I moved south to the West Links wondering, could an early Med Gull have arrived, no. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of Wheatears on the rock armour near the paddling pool though. Unfortunately it soon started to rain so I moved on again to Keptie Pond where only Lesser Black-backed Gulls and male Mallards chasing females provided a bit of entertainment.  

Wheatear, one of at least five passing through north at West Links Arbroath

Just before the rain got a bit heavy

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Keptie Pond in Arbroath. Just stretching the bill a bit, getting it ready to swallow ducklings in the next few weeks!

I could almost see its last meal

Just as I'd stepped out of the car when I got home and I accidentally prevented this male Sparrowhawk from hunting in the garden. I don't usually get a Sparrowhawk at this time of year

A Linnet from the pathway behind Glaxo a few days ago

Common Carder Bee also Glaxo

Red-tailed Bumblebee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee