Monday, 18 February 2019

Quiz, or excuse

I've had to format the SD card in my D7200, it was getting slower and less reliable, and on the card I had around 200 protected photos. Rather than just deleting them I thought I'd post some of  them here, which means they'll stay around in the ether, and give any readers a small challenge in identifying the birds and others in the photos. There's no prize, no pat on the back and if you don't know what something is, then look it up. I spent years trolling the Collins before I felt confident, and some of it stuck!

The photos are in numerical order as named by the camera and all but four are from Angus.
Best of luck!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Peacock - a substitute for another guy

A ritual and yearly Scone Palace visit today and I did see two Hawfinches but didn't even manage to lift the camera to them, they were high in a tree and into the sun. A familiar story that and makes the visit a few years ago when I didn't have a camera with me more annoying, there were around six on the ground feeding then, and close!

I did photograph the Peacocks at Scone, making up for the one in Glenesk last week that I missed in a roadside field. Lastly, another Magpie shot which may make me go back to Forfar Loch and set up for a proper photo session. (probably not, I prefer wandering).

Also from Forfar Loch,  Goosander raft hunting sticklebacks, click here for Flickr video

With a 300mm lens and a 1.4 teleconverter, for the Hawfinches, I had to stand a mile away for such a wide subject. Yes, they did really look this bright in the noon sun

The white one with the palace in the background

Magpie near the sailing club at Forfar Loch

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Wild Justice, and a tale of woe.......

Today I had great plans, then while checking a broken garden fence I was attacked by a twig which slid between my eye and eye-lid, man it was sore. That should have sent me back into the house but I persevered and went to Keptie Pond, it's near the Minor Injuries, and found all of the interesting birds had gone due to tree fellers on the island. I imagine it will be a real hatchet job instead of pruning to suit the wildlife, no doubt it will be like a bad haircut, but will need more than a fortnight to improve.

Chris Packham CBE, Mark Avery and Dr Ruth Tingay announce Wild Justice to fight for justice for wildlife. Click through on the links below, maybe even donate!

Wild Justice launches, Raptor Persecution UK           Wild Justice website  worth bookmarking

Black-headed Gull, Keptie Pond



Grey Squirrel, Ravenscraig Park, Kirkcaldy. Olive said she'd never seen so many dogs, now she knows what a birders life is like..............

Magpie, Ravenscraig Park

Just missed the Arbroath Lifeboat, "Inchcape" being launched on Tuesday. This is only a few metres off the slipway, too busy blethering to another birder!