Saturday, 15 February 2020

Windswept and barely interesting

No further sign on Friday of a Merlin I saw at Victoria Park in Arbroath earlier in the week, and although I did see 12 Rock Pipits feeding together, even I'm fed up photographing them! I do like Crows and Gulls though and I struggled in the wind in late afternoon while waiting for a train to arrive. (Not at Victoria Park for you wags out there)

Carrion Crow, used to people and dogs

3rd Winter Herring Gull

Adult Herring Gull

Black-headed Gull, a few already have most of their black head, just a bit of a white face.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Great White Egret with its mate the Otter!

The Great White Egret was showing well at the west end of Forfar Loch, until an over keen photographer approached and it flew eastwards down the loch, and disappeared. The Green Sandpiper remains at Murton, and in the late sun I got a few photos and some video from the Gladstone and Stewart Hides. I didn't see the Green-winged Teal, but most Teal were hidden in the grass.

You can't plan or script for these occasions, a capture of a frame from the original video, reduced to 1200 pixels as all photos in this blog

Maybe the same height as a Grey Heron, but nothing like the bulk

What a difference a wee bit of light makes


Whooper Swan with the Mute Swans on Forfar Loch

Beaver in action on the path from Orchardbank to the west end of the loch, the tree was intact a few days earlier

Green Sandpiper photographed into the sun at the Gladstone Hide, Murton

Pushing the zoom a bit too much

Gadwall pair from the Stewart Hide at Murton

At last a drake Goldeneye came close, just wish I'd had the DSLR

Kestrel, I was capturing the snow and spotted a Kestrel hovering above the large shed

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Scaup and a Sparrowhawk quandary

The weather hasn't been good, you might have noticed. I suffered at Maryton Ditch as long as I could where a flock of Redshanks of at least 800 birds flew in, I had a short look at the Lurgies, then retreated to Arbroath.

The long-staying female Scaup at Keptie Pond

Clear view of the nail on the bill

Now becoming a real problem in my garden and although the light was poor and the photo was through the window, I'm wondering if this is a different bird from one I've photographed recently in sunlight. More work required by Olive on that, she's my spotter.

Goosander, still a bit camera shy, if it wasn't so cold I'd have sat in the bushes with a tripod

Just the three drakes on the pond

Two photos of drake Wigeon, taken in different light in between sleet showers

The Coots are getting more aggressive to each other so I'll have to remove the teleconverter and try for some action shots

Curlew photographed through a hole in a fence at the Old Harbour, it was deliberating if I was a threat

Dunlin at Maryton Ditch, part of a flock of over 100

House of Dun, photo from Maryton Ditch

Friday, 7 February 2020

Red-legged Partridges in Glenesk

Some photos from Glenesk and Lochlee and video from my Webs count on Friday, done early because of the predicted storm on Saturday and Sunday. More later...

Bar-tailed Godwits and an unintentional bad edit of Sanderling, click here for video  they didn't like the dog coming along the beach. The waders don't get peace when roosting, hope it's better when they're feeding

Grey Plovers at East Haven, click here for video  they don't ever do much

Waders roosting at East Haven, click here for video  

Red-legged Partridges in a roadside field near Dalforth in Glenesk

I can't recall seeing a Red Squirrel at Invermark before, but it seems likely they'd be in the area

Lochlee looking westward. The sun doesn't rise high enough at this time of year to light the loch fully

One of the new fenced areas around Lochlee where native trees have been planted, nearly 60 hectares according to the estate signage

Late afternoon sun shining on this Curlew at Victoria Park, Arbroath

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Dipper diving, Pintails cruising

Dipper on the Brothock Burn in Arbroath and Pintails sailing past the SWT Centre at Montrose Basin, filmed from the roadside. More from the P1000, I'm already learning not to over use the zoom especially in the windy conditions.

Male Dipper with rings feeding in the Brothock, click here for video    shows off the rings and dipping at the end

Three Pintails going inland as the tide turned, click here for video

Returning lobster boat to Arbroath Harbour, looks like fun to me, click here for video

Also seen from the roadside at Montrose Basin