Sunday, 9 April 2017

Puffins at Auchmithie, "Punk" at Keptie Pond

This mixture of local photos have been gathering in a folder throughout the week and are from Keptie Pond in the centre of Arbroath and Auchmithie just a few miles north of there. The Puffins are gathering on the sea but still offshore and will soon take up their nest burrows and be less conspicuous.

Little Ringed Plover video (posted in Full HD 1920 by 1080 60fps), click here

Three of sixteen Puffins viewed from a perch on Maiden Stane just north of Auchmithie

The male of a pair of Stonechats at Auchmithie

Goldfinch in a tree at the But'n'Ben in Auchmithie

Cool looking Tufted Duck at Keptie Pond

Looks like the Siberian Chiffchaff but it didn't give itself away by calling

The other Chiffchaff at Keptie but clearly a common Chiffchaff

Although the Lesser Black-backed Gull is out of focus you can easily see the size difference between it and the much larger 4th winter Great Black-backed Gull. It's unusual to see Great Black-backs at Keptie especially at this time of year

Lesser Black-backed in focus this time, it was a dull day and they don't let anyone close but by the end of summer they do get used to the many walkers around the pond

A less than elegant view of what can be a graceful looking bird, Pied Wagtail at Keptie

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