Friday, 9 June 2017

Little Stint and Peregrine

A second post today after I found a Little Stint with a group of Ringed Plover and a few Dunlin at the Lurgies. It was a dull, cold and miserable afternoon for June and I was idling away some time leaning on my favourite tree when I spotted a strange backside. Now I suspect you think this is where he mocks an undeserving woman, but no it was the Little Stint almost hidden behind a Ringed Plover.
The waders had been flushed just minutes earlier when a Peregrine chased a single Ringed Plover nearby but I may have benefited by it stirring up the flock. The Plover escaped.

I'm not saying these are record shots, all of my photos are. I like and try to get the best photos I can but on some days it's just not possible with a tiny bird on a dark background too far away. If you're viewing on a PC monitor, just push your chair back 2 metres, it works for me! I just wish I'd bothered to take the SX60 as I'm sure I could have got a decent video.

Got a wee bit of light from the water in this one just before it flew up the Slunks near high tide

With a Ringed Plover to show the size difference

Still noticeably smaller than the Dunlin even when it's closer to me

Just short of the north bank and definitely too far away. I first thought the wing tip was touching the water when I looked on the camera

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