Friday, 20 January 2017

Beauty and the beast

Beauty refers to the Long-tailed Tits and beast to the large powerful Glaucous Gull, what a bird.

An end of week tidy up during which I didn't get much peace to wander freely. Given what I'm looking at out of my window, I should have stayed at home as my garden is full of birds, 24 Tree Sparrows, 30 Starlings, 23 Feral Pigeons, 5 Blackbirds, 2 Blue Tits, 2 fighting Robins, 19 House Sparrows, 2 Dunnocks, 1 Wren and I chased off the Herring Gull and Crow.

Glaucous Gull on the west breakwater at Arbroath Harbour as seen from the car park at Inchcape Park (Signal Tower). Photo in low sunlight near to dusk

Same Glaucous Gull in front of the Old Brewhouse but this time in much different light being reflected of the sea

Twite on the track to the hides at Montrose Basin, the most I've seen so far this year, 25 counted in one photo

I couldn't decide on which Long-tailed Tit photo to post so it's both. Taken in a glimmer of light late in the afternoon at Balgavies Loch Hide. Note, the track to the hide is currently closed and access is from the viewpoint on the main road

A resized copy of an original taken in near darkness and at very high iso, the long lens and closeness to the Rock Pipit must have helped. At the "Blue Toilets" on the Brothock Burn at Arbroath Harbour

One of a few Curlew feeding at the start of the Cliffs in Arbroath

Red Squirrel at Balgavies

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Glaucous Gull, Iceland Gull and American Wigeon

Some gull video I've been waiting to tidy up for YouTube posting and another short clip of the long-staying American Wigeon at Lintrathen Loch.

Freedom is near....... not a second referendum but the house I've been selling should be concluded on Friday and with a new lens in the offing I'll be under pressure to show the results are worth it. No pressure says Olive...........

Glaucous Gull, click here for video

Iceland Gull, click here for video

American Wigeon at Lintrathen, click here for video

Canada Goose at Lintrathen, on it's own unusually

It was getting dark when the videos above were filmed as you can see from this still taken with my SX60 a bit later

Sunday, 15 January 2017

All gone a bit "arty"

A mixture covering a few days from around Arbroath, Easthaven and Montrose including a view, weird wood, a ringed Starling and an unusual Wigeon.

Anglers fishing into the sunset at Arbroath Harbour

Just a bit of driftwood, very dog like I thought. Seen on the beach north of Montrose

Fieldfare seen on my way to record my monthly Webs count at Easthaven

Ringed Starling "Orange KN0" on the beach at Craigmill, waiting details from the local ringer. Ringed at Easthaven during the BioBlitz this summer by Tayside Ringing Group as part of a demonstration to school children and the public. Ringed as a juvenile male

Two Stock Doves with a wood pigeon also from my Webs area

A slightly strange Wigeon with a green flash on its head, I'm not speculating on where or why, maybe just a variation. Seen at Easthaven

Little Egret still on the North Esk at Kinnaber/St Cyrus

One of a pair of Stonechats also at Kinnaber

Four of five Whooper Swans on the North Esk