Saturday, 15 April 2017

Time for Glamour!!

Time for what many think of as the less glamorous but often more tenacious birds.

Roe Deer swimming in front of the Gullery Hide at Kinnordy, click here for video

Female Marsh Harrier, click here for video   awfi far oot!

Great Black-backed 1st winter at Keptie Pond adding to the two near adult birds seen a few days ago. Not good news if these "beasts" stay around till the ducklings are fledged, they have enough danger with the Lesser Black-backs and to a lesser extent the Herring Gulls

Olive thinks they are horrible, and she usually has impeccable taste......

A more subtle shot of this Herring Gull taken at the back of Gayfield while Arbroath FC were going down one nil to Edinburgh City!

A Grey Heron sitting on a partially built nest which was earlier abandoned at Keptie Pond, maybe a new bird or one of the original pair, the first attempt was a bit early

The future is orange it's said, the bright sun shining on these Redshank also at Gayfield

Some of 27 Sanderlings at Inchcape, Arbroath Harbour, just showing the transition to breeding plumage. Still a few Purple Sandpipers and Ringed Plover, no Sandwich Terns yet but three at Lunan Bay earlier today

Five days on the the Budgie in my garden is feeding well, bossing the Tree Sparrows, reacting to alarms and flying with much more vigour and has been wandering a bit along the street. I think it roosts in a Cotoneaster but it's amazing just how well it can disappear in the dappled light of the bushes

Friday, 14 April 2017

Loch of Kinnordy and other Angus bird sites

Raptors and Ducks mostly with other species seen around Angus at Kinnordy, Murton NR, Balgavies Loch and Montrose Basin. The Kinnordy photos were taken early in the morning when all was quiet but obviously the sun wasn't far above the horizon, it stayed pretty dull  and didn't light up the distant raptors.

Osprey white JU at Kinnordy

Red Kite giving the female Marsh Harrier a hard time

Landing in the lone pine

She sat here for two fairly long periods

This drake Shoveler was distracted by a duck and ended up close to the Gullery Hide at Kinnordy

Keeping an eye on his conquest

Early in the morning when the hide is quiet birds oblige and come close

Gadwall pair

Why the Coot got involved with the two drake Mallards attempting to mate with the poor duck I'll never know

Something almost sinister about this courtship between the two Lapwings

Shelduck drake at Montrose Basin

Shelduck duck, honest it makes sense

Eider duck

Eider drake

Back at Kinnordy, the female of a pair of Bullfinches eating new buds

The male, never far away even outside the breeding season

Goldfinch at the feeder area at Balgavies

Great Tit, Balgavies Loch

Lesser Redpoll, quite a bit of different plumage's amongst the Redpoll just now

Male Reed Bunting at Balgavies, I'm seeing these everywhere just now

Last but not least this Wren was singing in front of the car park hide at Murton where an Iceland Gull was with a small group of Herring Gulls, one ringed bird had a yellow darvic "T:54G" and has been reported

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

"Budgie" what next? Anyone lost their pet?

I thought I'd  found a Ring-necked Parakeet when I saw a flash of green and yellow when I drove up my drive but it turned out to be the Budgie in the photos below which I think may be a "Clearwing" variant. As I type it's feeding on the ground with the Tree and House Sparrows for the second day and attempts to find out if a neighbour is missing their pet have failed so far.

The other green bird below is one of three Green Woodpeckers which flew over my head in a group but weren't seen until they'd got out of range.

The two Redshanks were at Inchcape Park, Arbroath along with  Purple Sandpipers, Turnstones but no Sandwich Terns yet. A single Shag with the green darvic ring AIR was on the breakwater and reported to the ringers.

Budgie, the movie, click here,

Green Woodpecker

Mute Swan cygnet at Murton where a pair of Canada Geese look to be prospecting for a summer home and perhaps a nest site


Caught out by a small wave

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Puffins at Auchmithie, "Punk" at Keptie Pond

This mixture of local photos have been gathering in a folder throughout the week and are from Keptie Pond in the centre of Arbroath and Auchmithie just a few miles north of there. The Puffins are gathering on the sea but still offshore and will soon take up their nest burrows and be less conspicuous.

Little Ringed Plover video (posted in Full HD 1920 by 1080 60fps), click here

Three of sixteen Puffins viewed from a perch on Maiden Stane just north of Auchmithie

The male of a pair of Stonechats at Auchmithie

Goldfinch in a tree at the But'n'Ben in Auchmithie

Cool looking Tufted Duck at Keptie Pond

Looks like the Siberian Chiffchaff but it didn't give itself away by calling

The other Chiffchaff at Keptie but clearly a common Chiffchaff

Although the Lesser Black-backed Gull is out of focus you can easily see the size difference between it and the much larger 4th winter Great Black-backed Gull. It's unusual to see Great Black-backs at Keptie especially at this time of year

Lesser Black-backed in focus this time, it was a dull day and they don't let anyone close but by the end of summer they do get used to the many walkers around the pond

A less than elegant view of what can be a graceful looking bird, Pied Wagtail at Keptie