Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tree Sparrow chicks and dad

The breeding success of birds coming to my garden continues with the Tree Sparrows below and the sun of late has brought out more butterflies and damselflies.

Aberbrothock directors choice, my YouTube Channel selected videos, click here

The first Tree Sparrow brood in my garden this year, there was a third chick who was camera shy

Probably the missing chick from above taking advantage of the security in the old rabbit run which keeps out predators and those pesky pigeons

House Sparrow chick for comparison, one of 23 counted this week, seen at the same time

A bit of a truce between the Little Ringed Plovers and Black-headed Gulls

A pair of Green-veined White butterflies with an unusually yellow under-winged female, or perhaps as it's seen with a usual coloured male the difference is magnified

I think this is a Small Magpie Moth, unfortunately the photo is from the shade of a hide into bright sunlight and it's been edited to show some of the features