Saturday, 17 January 2015

Corn Bunting, Buzzard and slightly weird clouds

A couple of Corn Buntings from Boghead near Arbroath, some unusual clouds seen from the Old Brewhouse, Arbroath and a Buzzard feeding on what looks like a Common Gull. I'm assuming the Buzzard didn't kill the gull?

Corn Bunting

Another Corn Bunting

The view from Danger Point, Arbroath

I doubt the Buzzard killed what might be a Common Gull but I'm sure it will eat it

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wind, rain, snow, sleet and two minutes of sun. All in Montrose during a Scottish winter, oh, and did I mention the gales.

I had an errand in Montrose so foolishly took the dslr for a walk in between the blizzards and found two very advanced Black-headed Gulls at the Curlie. The Black Redstart was still in the same area at the harbour and I also found two Kingfishers, one at the SWT the second at the Lurgies. While avoiding a shower in the gorse bushes a small group of Teal got unusually close for a brief photo above the Slunks.

Black Redstart, in a gloomy backyard hiding from the weather. Photo through the bars of a steel gate.

The one with showing the black head early was one of two, it must be spring!

To show Olive what they look like I've posted this distant shot. She is always looking the other way when we find one and usually misses it! Or more likely she's wise and stayed indoors today.

Teal heading upstream on the South Esk

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sparrowhawk junior and its prospective lunch!

Stuck at home due to the weather, I had hoped to go to the hills today. Not all lost though as while idling around taking photos through my dirty windows the young male Sparrowhawk below flew in and had a go at the songbirds, not successful this time.

Sparrowhawk, 1st winter male


Tree Sparrow, one of around 12

One of the male Blackbirds


Monday, 12 January 2015

Buzzard just before it caught a vole, Montrose Basin

I was stalking a Kingfisher to no avail when I saw this fella near the old harbour at Montrose Basin and as I was trying to get a still in the fading light it dropped out of the tree onto a vole. The link below misses some of the kill but shows the demise of the vole very quickly.

Buzzard and Vole

Buzzard, always alert, and hungry

Golden Plover weathering the cold wind at Arbroath harbour