Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stoats at play on July 7th at Arbroath Golf Course

I've put the gulls and Northern Eggar Moth at the top in case you get bored with Stoats and miss them!

Black-headed Gull at Monikie CP

Mediterranean Gull, adult, Arbroath

Northern Eggar Moth male, Perthshire. Captured by my open car windows and released unharmed.

All of these below of a family of four Stoats taken at Elliot Golf Course, none show the adult who was keeping an eye on the boisterous youngsters who really liked the big puddles as you can see.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

St Cyrus and Fowlsheugh Reserves, ADBC club outing led by Stewart

All but the first photo taken at Fowlsheugh, the Little Egrets looked to be starting to wander and feed as I left.

Little Egret video, click here

Three Little Egrets near the hide at St Cyrus

Gulls and Gannets on one of many bait balls closer in than usual

Immature Gannet

Guillemot, it looked unable to swallow the fish/flounder

A bridled Guillemot

Herring Gull chick

Food for a Herring Gull chick, a Razorbill or Guillemot chick!

Kittiwake chicks

Obligatory Puffin



The Elliot Hot Spot

Often overlooked, Elliot can be an interesting site with a variety of birds and as seen today perhaps due to being used to humans walking along the paths an opportunity for photographers.

One of four Stoats near the Greenkeepers huts, the youngsters were playing in the puddles

Male Stonechat

Four of five Swallow chicks on the fence near the burn

A different group of Swallow chicks being fed at the burn

Cute, eh!

Whitethroat chick on the path to Easthaven

The first returning Dunlins I've seen in 2015

This Ringed Plover looked to be guarding a nest or fledglings


Mediterranean Gull, West Links Arbroath

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Three Craws!!

Still with a slight bird theme, a photo of myself and two lads from Ladyloan School in perhaps 1966 taken at Arbroath Harbour with Robin Hall and Jimmy MacGregor who were filming for "The White Heather Club" a TV show hosted by Andy Stewart. There were around 130 episodes filmed but the BBC has lost or deleted all but a few including the one featuring the young Alex Shepherd seen looking at Jimmy's guitar. Later that day they requested a local to take part in another film at the harbour which involved a swimmer being rescued, at age nine and a competition swimmer I volunteered but my Mum put a stop to it, my quest for fame foiled!

Three Craws

Only one Craw

Great Crested Grebe, Forfar Loch

Ringlet Butterfly, Glen Cally

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Roe Deer hind, Glen Cally