Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bittern videos and a dodgy goose photo

Some very rare video of the Bittern hunting in the open at Montrose Basin at the links below and for good measure one with a White-fronted Goose and another with some of the 88 Pintails I saw from the roadside at the Forfar turn off at the basin. I'm stuck in the house!!!

Bittern, possibly going to roost                           White-fronted Goose (Eurasian)

Bittern hunting                                                    Pintails at Montrose Basin

Bittern hunting video 2

Photo of the White-fronted Goose from far away and not the best of day to take it

Monday, 18 January 2016

Pomarine Skua and the Basin Bittern

Luckily today when I visited the SWT Centre at Montrose Basin the newly arrived Bittern obliged by walking into the open just long enough to get a few photos. I then left there to look for a Slavonian Grebe reported at Lunan Bay and got some distant shots of a Pomarine Skua which flew in from the sea and temporarily landed on the beach. Finally after much perseverance I did find the Slavonian Grebe but it was too far out in light to poor for the camera.

Bittern at the Bank of Scotland Hide

Pomarine Skua at Lunan Bay

I wonder if it's the same one I saw near Arbroath this week?