Saturday, 20 February 2016

Snow Bunting and others

A few to tidy up the week.

The Snow Bunting was one of at least 18 at Arbroath Cliffs on Friday (and still on Saturday).
The Short-eared Owl is the one at Aberdeen getting rid of what it can't digest.
The Eider, Sanderlings and Skylark were all seen on my Webs survey at Easthaven and the bottom four are from the Montreathmont hide including just the first Siskin I've seen this year. One day I'll be there when the sun shines, or not!

Two replacement photos taken Sunday

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting at Arbroath Cliffs

Short-eared Owl coughing up a pellet

Eider drake



Siskin male

Blue Tit

Coal Tit


Friday, 19 February 2016

Aberdeen - Short-eared Owls and another tame Mandarin Drake

A social trip to Aberdeen to show Olive a long staying Mandarin Drake in Johnstone Gardens Park and at the Beach Esplanade we were lucky to see a hunting Short-eared Owl catch a vole near to where we were hiding. Proves at least to me that it's a case of choose a spot and one will come in, patience needed sometimes!

 Mandarin video, click here,

Just caught a vole then it noticed me but didn't seem bothered

The same owl on one of its favourite posts

Ever wondered where David Bowie got inspiration for his Ziggy Stardust hair style

Not much light on the pond

Turnstone feeding on the verge at beach esplanade

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ring-necked drake, Nuthatch and Mandarin all at Pitlochry

My second visit to Pitlochry in a week and this time a success when I found all of the birds I'd went for and a bonus Canada Goose. I did miss the Mandarin at first as it was sleeping under the pontoon and it took a while for the Nuthatches to arrive at the feeder I'd filled with peanuts. The Ring-necked drake which has been there since October was confined to a small area of open water and slept most of the time.

Ring-necked Drake video, click here

Mandarin Drake sleeping under the pontoon at the boat house on Loch Faskally

Nuthatch at the Killecrankie Visitor Centre

Ring-necked Drake at The Cuilc

Grumpy Sod!!

Canada Goose also on Faskally