Saturday, 11 June 2016

Remember the sun?

The third Painted Lady I'd seen this week was flitting around at Murton along with a couple of Cinnabar Moths which seem to have suffered a decline there. Perhaps the disappearance of the Ragwort is the cause, the plant the caterpillars rely on. The Common Blue Damselflies are fairing much better with many males and females around the water and paths. Still no Dragonflies yet though.

Painted Lady butterfly at Murton

Cinnabar Moth, Murton

Common Blue Damselflies also at Murton

Dandelion photographed for an artist

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hooded Crow (variant?) - in Angus in summer!!

Eventually today we got some light so I went at first to Montrose Basin as the tide was rising and then to Usan where I'd seen a reported Hooded Crow which is a rare bird in Angus and usually only seen in winter here. I've had a comment saying it's not a proper Hoodie which may be true but it's very close if it isn't.

At the Basin there was a single Canada Goose, a female Red-breasted Merganser, an Eider crèche and some very late Pink-footed Geese, eleven birds in flight. In the video below the photos it looks like the Eider has a huge number of young but there were five adult ducks looking after the ducklings and the average brood would only be about five or six.

A couple of photos but the videos at the links below the photos show so much more.

Hooded Crow at Mains of Usan but very difficult to get near to. In this photo I'd used the cover of the derelict cottages to sneak up but even then never got close enough.

Eider duck at Usan, presumed to be a non-breeder or failed this year

Hooded Crow video, click here

Eider duck creche video, click here

Shelduck video, click here

Canada Goose video, click here

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kelpies and a nesting Grebe

Falkirk this week for a visit I had promised Olive for a long, long time and then back to Forfar Loch and Murton to avoid the cloud and cold on the coast today. Not much happening in the heat but a "lost" Pink-footed Goose at Murton.

The Kelpies at Falkirk, with the cables and pylons which to me spoiled the view removed

Falkirk Wheel joining the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal

Great Crested Grebe nesting at Forfar Loch

Lesser Black-backed Gull, Forfar Loch

Sand Martin at Murton Nature Reserve, one of many nesting in the man-made concrete wall

The camera kept focusing on the wall and not the flying birds, this was one of only a few in focus

Two of four Canada Geese at Murton

A Pink-footed Goose in amongst the Greylags at Murton, it should be in Iceland now

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Perth, Easthaven and a strange Crow

A slightly odd and mixed bunch from Perth, Arbroath Harbour, Easthaven, my garden and Montreathmont Forest. Photos often fitted in around other things I was doing including trying to entertain grandchildren.

Looking upstream over the River Tay in Perth

Grey Squirrel in a Perth cemetery, a bit less fur and it would be a rat!

A very bold Herring Gull at Arbroath Harbour with an eye on my white pudding supper, no chance

The same odd Carrion Crow twice showing the white/light grey wing feathers. I'm sure there was another bird similar at Easthaven today when I did my Webs count

One of the resident Collared Doves in Easthaven

Young Blackbird in my garden

One of around six Feral Pigeons which come to my garden but can't get the discarded seed from under the feeder as I've an enclosed rabbit run under it. The small birds including Blackbirds and Starling easily get through the 50 mm mesh

Robin in Montreathmont also seen, Jay, Siskins and Green Woodpecker

Unusually the sun was shining on the ground under the feeding table