Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Just as well there's some fitba to watch!

Still gloomy, wet, breezy and feels cold which is having an effect on the bird life and I fear the five House Martin nests I'm surveying may all fail. Droppings at two nests have stopped, I haven't seen adults visiting and I seldom even see an adult flying.

In a brief spell of dry weather I took these at Keptie Pond in Arbroath.

Great Northern Diver (1st summer) Lunan Bay video, click here, it was a fair bit out from the beach

One of the resident Jackdaws waiting for the latest batch of bread from the young mums with children

One of two surviving Coot chicks the gulls didn't get. No Mallard ducklings though despite some broods being seen earlier

Mallard drake in eclipse plumage, they are at many different stages on the pond just now

Still rare around Arbroath, a Collared Dove which we used to have coming to the garden but the many cats probably put them off