Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Beastie on the Beach..................

It looks like someone with an eye for art has carved out two eyes on the log in the first photo taken on the beach between Montrose and Kinnaber. I was surprised to see salmon fishing continuing on the North Esk at Kinnaber, I'd assumed as the coastal fishing had been stopped that the estuary would also have been. It's the same salmon stocks after all, and I'd always thought they were only allowed to net two thirds from one bank and then two thirds from the other. In the photo there is only a five metre gap left for the salmon to escape.

Beastie on the Beach

Moving upstream to start the sweep down river with one guy dragging the net from the bank the other creating an arc across the river and sweeping down to the team waiting downstream

Not much room to escape for the King of Fish!

Linnet male at Kinnaber sewage works car park

The first Swallow chick I've seen fledged this year, near Kinnaber

House Martin chicks, while watching these two characters on Friday night at around 2045 unexpectedly the larger of the two fledged the nest. I'll keep an eye on the nest again today to see if it returned or the smaller one fledged as well. No it didn't fledge, reviewing photos it appeared that three adult birds came into the nest at one time, two flew away and the third went in and that's what I'd seen leave.

A returning Goldeneye drake beginning to show some eclipse plumage at the Lurgies

One of the very wary Jays in Montreathmont in a brief gap between showers on Friday

Currently Olive's favourite species a Yellowhammer. I'm sure if the Goldfinches turn up in the garden they'll takeover

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Spoonbill at Montrose Basin

A Spoonbill first seen on Wednesday evening was still around at 0600 and 1330 on Thursday but as far as I'm aware at this time, (1940) no other sightings have been made so let's hope it stays around for a few days. I'm hopeful that I can get a photo with my DSLR instead of the two below with my Canon SX60 which given the light and distance did an acceptable job at getting a record photo.

Spoonbill flying over the South Esk near the Slunks

Craigmill Den near Carnoustie

A quick trip to Craigmill Den and then a short survey at Carnoustie Golf Links by which time it had become colder and windy which limited the numbers and species recorded. At Carnoustie the very defensive male Mute Swan at the bottom pond has apparently left to spend at least some of his time on another pond, I wonder if something happened or he's been injured defending a cygnet as one of the seven is missing. The pair of swans on the main pond continue with five cygnets and that is one less than I saw when newly fledged.

Spotted Flycatcher in Craigmill Den

Whitethroat chick, also Craigmill

Collared Dove

Song Thrush

A new emergence of Six Spot Burnet moths at Carnoustie Golf Links

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

RIP, the first of many no doubt

The male Sparrowhawk has returned and was seen in Olive's garden taking and plucking a juvenile House Sparrow, I eventually got the ring on a Starling, Swifts are occasionally coming in and two photos from Montrose Basin at low tide today.

RIP the Spuggie...........gone to be a Sparrowhawk chicks lunch nearby

A ringed Starling back in my garden, the first time I've seen it since the start of May. This time I've managed to read the metal ring and report it. Unusually it only has one colour ring having figured out how to remove the other two as a few birds do according to the ringer.

Still not a good Swift photo and they'll soon be gone again, just to dull and they're so fast

Black-headed Gull at the Lurgies with a small flounder

Only one Pink-footed Goose today but the other nine or ten may still be at Montrose Basin somewhere


I got the offer of a trip to Faskally to paint some caravan decking so accepted and went to the Pass of Killiecrankie looking for Wood Warblers and Pied Flycatchers instead. I did see one Wood Warbler but I had to spend what seemed like a lifetime looking before getting a decent but brief view. The paths were a bit busy but I also found a Nuthatch on one of the side paths and a Spotted Flycatcher on it's favourite perch. During my trip which was in good conditions I covered 6 miles and only saw two butterflies, both Ringlets.

Nuthatch in a shady corner

Spotted Flycatcher on it's perch

Herring Gull at the Old Brewhouse in Arbroath taken while waiting for my white pudding supper.