Thursday, 17 November 2016

Spotted Redshank re-visited, in the sun

I arrived just a bit too late as the tide was covering the areas where the Spotted Redshank feeds, I did manage a couple of photos before it and its pal the Greenshank flew further into the basin. The sequence showing the hunting seal was further upstream of the Slunks and drew an audience, me watching the Kingfisher watching the seal!

Two Pochard drakes at Lintrathen, for video click here,

Spotted Redshank

Just about to fly off as the tide covered the channel it was feeding in

Common Redshank for comparison. This one favours the patch of mud at the Old Harbour

Common Seal with a late salmon which shows some disease on its tail and head

You can see the dog like teeth in this one

The salmon is still trying to escape in this photo

All the while this Kingfisher was watching the seal intently so didn't notice me standing on the other bank of the South Esk

Little Grebe, they are getting a bit more accepting of people walking up the path and don't automatically swim away

This young Buzzard was sheltering from the strong winds in the orchard at Sunnyside Hospital, it and a few Coal Tits were the only birds I saw there

Olive wanted a second look at the Waxwings in Montrose so I felt obliged to take a photo. There were approximately fifty in the roosting tree and the nearby single Rowan is getting bare, the other three Rowans are now getting more attention

Monday, 14 November 2016

American Wigeon at Lintrathen Loch

A lucky break at Lintrathen today when the American Wigeon stayed in view just long enough for a couple of quick photos before it swan out of view at the top of the loch. The Pochards were closer and I got them in some sunlight before they drifted away as well. The final and terrible photo of a Spotted Redshank was grabbed before going on the ADBC Club Outing on Sunday when we had a lucky sighting of the elusive Great White Egret at St Cyrus.

Spotted Redshank video clip, click here,

American Wigeon drake at Lintrathen, just before it vanished behind trees at the top end of the loch as viewed from the Old Hide

Pochard drakes, also Lintrathen, the first I've seen this winter

Distant photo taken at 0830 on a dull morning of this Spotted Redshank at the Lurgies. (SX60)