Saturday, 24 December 2016

Year Review - July 2016

Usually a quiet month July and this was no exception and many birds appeared to be late with broods and numbers seemed to be affected by the cold weather at the start of the nesting season

Juvenile Cuckoo near Auchmithie, I thought this was early for July 6th

Puffin at Auchmithie

Spotted Flycatcher

A very confiding Stock Dove sitting on the wires behind the But'n'ben at Auchmithie

One of this years young Swallows near Kinnaber


A male Yellowhammer at the ADBC hide

Red-breasted Merganser chicks on the South Esk upstream of the Slunks at Montrose Basin

Cinnabar Moth at Murton NR, Forfar

One of the first brood of House Sparrows in my garden

Friday, 23 December 2016

Year Review - June 2016

Some photos from my yearly June visit to the Ythan Estuary at Newburgh a place I revisited on a number of occasions throughout the summer.

Arctic Tern at the Ythan Estuary, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire

Common Tern at Ferryden, Montrose using the pole as a perch much as a Kestrel would and watching for small fish below

The King Eider drake at the Ythan returned again for another year

A Sand Martin chick sunbathing or waiting to be fed at the mouth of its nest brrow in the dunes at the Ythan

Act cool Jessie and that fella with the camera might not spot our nest

Skylark near Auchmithie

The only Spoonbill seen at Montrose Basin this year and it's thought it only stayed one day

Female Azure Damselfly, the first time I'd identified this species on the Carnoustie Golf Links

The male Azure Damselfly

One of the Great Crested Grebe nests on Forfar Loch, I think most nests failed again this year due to fluctuating water levels, the birds couldn't raise the nest quick enough to keep the eggs warm. There are also many gulls at the loch including Lesser Black-backed Gulls a main predator of duckling and young grebes.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Year Review - May 2016

A good start to May with a Glossy Ibis followed by many migrant and breeding species

Glossy Ibis at the Shelduck Hide, Montrose Basin

Sandwich Tern, Glaxo, Montrose

Sedge Warbler on the track to Scurdie Ness, Montrose

A newly arrived Swallow also Scurdie Ness

Not the first Wheatear I'd seen but close enough

Four of nine Whimbrel at Annat Bank, Montrose Beach

Whitethroat on the track to the hides at Montrose Basin

More migrants heading north, these are Black-tailed Godwits, again at Montrose Basin

Fulmar at Arbroath Cliffs

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Year Review - April 2016

Seems that April was a quiet month with winter birds already gone and some of the summer breeding birds yet to arrive, or was it I was yet to find them.

A sign that at least the Common Sandpipers thought it was spring, this one was almost at the top of Glenesk where many nest

Another sign of spring, this Willow Warbler was calling at Murton NR on the penultimate day of April

The Grey Herons on the Brothock Burn near to my house are used to walkers and this one wouldn't move away from its position very close to me

The first Guillemot I found in April in the South Esk estuary at Montrose

A male Lapwing displaying to a nearby female who was more concerned on feeding

The classic Harrier food pass between these Marsh Harriers over the reeds on the far side of Kinnordy Loch. Note Olive, I need a longer F2.8 lens and it's Xmas........

A Starling in my garden which later on brought its youngsters and all its mates

Monday, 19 December 2016

Year Review - March 2016

A bit of a raptor fest and I did have a distant Golden Eagle photo and video in the same month. The Ravens fledged five chicks and I think the Peregrines three and it's likely a young Peregrine which will appear in a later month's review will be one of them.

The male Marsh Harrier at Kinnordy

Also at Kinnordy, Osprey white LN

Peregrine at St Cyrus

Raven at St Cyrus

A rare visitor or even the first recorded Red Kite also at St Cyrus. All three birds seen within a 30 minute period on March 2nd

Looking up the "new path" to Bachnagairn in Glen Clova, the foot bridge upstream from Moulzie is still missing after the winter floods and may get replaced next summer

Mr Grumpy on the old path in Clova

Goosander with a Stickleback at Forfar Loch

Returning Kittiwakes at Arbroath Cliffs

Sanderling at Lunan Bay