Saturday, 25 March 2017

Green Sandpiper - video and dodgy stills

A chance meeting while counting Chiffchaffs at Keptie Pond when I was told the Green Sandpiper I'd seen at Murton was still around had me going there late in the afternoon before the car park closed and it was a success. Also a couple of Chiffchaff photos showing two distinctly different variants.

Green Sandpiper video (zoomed), click here            Green Sandpiper and Snipe, click here

Green Sandpiper, as always far away and shaded, photo from my Canon SX60

It wandered even further away....

Siberian Chiffchaff, I think I've managed to confirm there are two Siberians and one Chiffchaff at Keptie but there may even be more birds. As well as being hidden in the cover they are mobile around four small copses and sometimes the island and the gorse on the hill. Not the prettiest warbler around is it, but does look better in the light

Chiffchaff, typical brown above and yellow below

This Coot is nesting near the bank under the cover of some bushes

It looks like the Grey Herons have moved their prospective nest site further around the island at Keptie Pond. This one wasn't fishing but drinking in the corner where the trees have been cut down!

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