Monday, 20 March 2017

Light on water, with birds included

A change in the editing of my photos, they look good to me on my PC monitor but when viewed on my tablet or phone they always look too bright and washed out so these are a trial until I can decide to change my monitor settings or put up with it.

These photos are all about the light, in particular the way the water appears in the shade and the sunlight. The Collared Dove was taken in heavy drizzle at the slowest speed I could hold the camera steady. The Grey Wagtail along with his mate was in a very shady spot almost under the road bridge.

Grey Wagtail preening at Craigmill Den, photo from road bridge on lower road

One of six Collared Doves disputing a territory at Barry Halt, Carnoustie

Back at Keptie Pond the numbers of Tufted Ducks has increased, this one shows purple in the sunlight, some others green

Mrs Tufted Duck

Only female Goosanders left at the pond on Sunday

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