Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ringed Plover 2, Turnstone nil

Unable to get into a position where the waders at Inchcape Park, Arbroath weren't shaded I did manage some photos but spent a long time waiting for opportunities where the target turned into the light which they weren't inclined to do due to the wind blowing along the beach.

Although the frog at the bottom of the post isn't the first I've seen this year it was found in the hills, unfortunately spawning in the same puddle as last year which is on a land rover track. The frogs have again spawned in my garden pond earlier this week but unseen, the spawn being the only evidence.

This Ringed Plover at Inchcape stood up to and threatened the Turnstone a much bigger bird which backed down both times in two encounters

One of around 30 Redshanks on the beach with at least two wearing metal rings

One of very few Dunlin along the Angus coast just now

The only other Dunlin I saw on Tuesday

You can tell the Black-headed Gull was originally at the bottom of a larger photo, hence the awkward framing so close to the edge

One of the ever wary Goldeneye at the Lurgies, I'd be wary as well as people were shooting at them for most of the winter

An unintended reflection but welcome

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