Thursday, 16 March 2017

Yellow Birds from my rota week

Some photos from the forest taken in between the showers when I was doing my hide rota this week. Yellow seemed to be the theme with Blue and Great Tits, Yellowhammers and Siskins. The Red Squirrel was back at the feeders as someone had provided peanuts which he then ignored as it was easier feeding on the sunflower seed dropped by the birds. I've learned that putting seed or feeders within reach of the pheasant is a costly mistake as a number of different birds hit the supplies hard. It's good to see that some visitors continue to bring food with them, now we need to turn that into all visitors.

Blue Tit with a metal ring......

Male Siskin


This big lad clucked all of the time he was below the feeders

Red Squirrel male taking the easy option, the sunflower seed the careless birds drop

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