Saturday, 8 April 2017

Little Ringed Plover and Scaup

Safe to say that a Little Ringed Plover doesn't nest between the low and high tide marks so reporting this one at Montrose Basin (it has been reported already) shouldn't affect the bird and careful birders may see it again in the future.

The Scaup at Maryton Ditch seem to prefer that side of the basin when the high banks offer shelter from a southerly or south westerly wind, they'll be gone very soon I suspect.

The large Rainbow Trout was one of a pair excavating a redd to spawn in which is something I've never seen before and wasn't even sure that species did attempt to breed, or succeed.

No excuses about three photos, I'll likely never get this kind of chance again to photograph these rare migrants around the size of a sparrow

The marking on the cheek behind the eye which has brown in the black shows this single bird is a female

They always look serious

Three of 17 Scaup, 5 drakes and 12 ducks still at the basin just waiting to fly north any day now

Shelduck, near the Shelduck Hide, where else?

Seen from above the pair of Rainbow Trout looked to be 7 and 5 pounds in weight but given the depth of this one seen when it was digging the redd it's safe to add a few pounds to each.

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