Thursday, 6 April 2017

Marsh Harriers, Ospreys and even a Red Kite

A bit of a raptor fest and it should be noted that all of these are Schedule One birds and should not be approached at any time and especially now in the breeding season. The photos below of the Harriers, Osprey and Kite were all taken from public hides.

Male and female Marsh Harriers just after a food transfer which wasn't seen

Female Marsh Harrier

Male Marsh Harrier


Female again

I didn't get a worthwhile photo of the plunge so these are the aftermath and again from far to far away

The fish looks to be a small jack pike

I believe the darvic ring is "white LN" if I recall

Female Osprey at Balgavies, but is she a new bird or just last years who has somehow lost the darvic ring

Balgavies male, I'm thinking this is the bird I saw at Montrose Basin last Saturday

Red Kite at Kinnordy, it flew away before I could get a photo with any sort of light on the bird. It's not thought to be a passing Red Kite as sightings are almost daily

Lesser Redpoll, below various incarnations but likely all the Lesser variant. I'll have a look next time it rains or I'm too tired to go out again....

I may go back to Balgavies where these Redpoll were and try for some better photos earlier in the day when the sun is lighting the feeder area

Female or 1st winter/spring Lesser

Little Grebe at Kinnordy

Shoveler pair at Kinnordy, quite a number of Shovelers there this week and as often the case, more drakes than ducks

Drake Teal

Duck Teal

Lots of Brown Hares around just now, at least eight near Kinnordy and six at Backwater Dam both places in a group. This one kept coming to the car park at Backwater Dam

I really like Cormorants in breeding plumage, this one was at Lintrathen where the Red-necked Grebe was sheltering in the far corner in front of the New Hide

Greylag at Kinnordy

Lapwing at Kinnordy which was very close to the Swamp Hide

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