Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rooks fighting and an "out of area" Corn Bunting

A fight, a Corn Bunting where it wasn't expected, Peacock Butterflies and still some Little Gulls around. A short trip I thought, but we'd covered 10.15 km without really noticing it and Olive had nearly 16,000 steps on her Google Fit app.

Two Rooks fighting on the beach at Easthaven while a third watches on

I assume it's two males fighting over a female, but can't tell

The vanquished loser and something doesn't look quite right with its foot?

A lone Corn Bunting seen near Easthaven with a metallic ring I can't read

Male reed Bunting on the beach path at Easthaven, one of at least six seen

A small number of Peacock butterflies were active in Craigmill Den

Still 18 Little Gulls at Monikie

Recently Greenfinches have returned to my garden feeders, this morning six were squabbling over rights to the sunflower seed. Photo through double glazing as they are still very flighty 

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