Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rain, rain and more rain

I'm getting a bit stir crazy being stuck in the house as the rain continues to pour down, I almost went to photograph local rivers in spate but the SEPA river station network is experiencing problems and I couldn't rely on the gauge readings. Below are just a few photos from Montrose on a slightly better day earlier in the week but still a dull enough for me to put a trip to the Ythan Estuary on hold.
Below is a link to a clip of one of two Little Egrets fishing at Montrose Basin on 30/6/2017. A third Egret previously seen with these wasn't around.

Little Egret fishing, click here for video

Common Tern with a small sand eel or similar caught in front of the east car park at Ferryden

Another of the Common Terns which had flown down the South Esk from their nesting raft in front of the SWT centre on Montrose Basin

The Eiders are going into eclipse plumage and looking "fell orra"

One of many Great Black-backed Gulls patrolling along the Scurdie Ness track and foreshore looking for a lost Eider duckling or anything else they could swallow

Back home and the Sparrowhawk was in exactly the same place, high and circling at the end of the street looking for an opportunity. Minutes earlier the Sparrows in my garden suddenly panicked and flew into cover showing just how many were there that I couldn't see, probably 50 or more

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