Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fowlsheugh and St Cyrus ADBC Trip and some gulls, I like gulls someone has to

A few photos taken at Fowlsheugh RSPB Reserve just south of Stonehaven, it's sign-posted Crawton if you fancy a visit but better be quick as many of the young birds are getting near to fledging. Following on are some taken at St Cyrus and the gulls below them were at West Links in Arbroath.

Just sitting there like a group of old men at the black shed, where the old fishermen sit at Arbroath Harbour. I recall my grandfather there chewing black tobacco and occasionally buying me and my brother an ice cream, not like him spending money! (Yes, I hear Olive and others saying I inherited that and other things from him)

I noticed many of the Guillemots were quite pale and it's not the light or me fiddling with the photo, the Razorbill looks normal


This House Martin looks like a fish squeezing out of the nest box at NNR St Cyrus

Probably later in the day the sun being a bit lower it will light up the nests better

A surprise Osprey at St Cyrus and it's ringed, looks like "blue 136 to me" but that isn't confirmed

You can never see too many male Stonechats

This Black-headed Gull may be a bit under the weather or just very confident as it didn't fly off when I walked past

This looks like a juvenile Curlew and not a Whimbrel as hoped

Mediterranean Gull still doing brief fly pasts at Arbroath

Black-headed Gull and faded compared to the St Cyrus one above

I assuming this is a 1st summer Herring Gull, unless it's related to the gull below?

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Even the Small Tortoiseshells visit the SWT at Montrose Basin

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