Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Skuas, Dolphins, Butterflies and Plovers

An enforced walking break led to an interesting amble along the beach at Kinnaber Links just north of Montrose with a return along the back of the large dunes resulting in a mixture of birds, butterflies and even dolphins. Good on me for taking Olive and her daughters dog out for the day although the little fella, Alfie (they're all called Alfie) couldn't manage the second trip I had planned to Scurdie Ness.

 Two Arctic Skuas, second summer birds I think heading north along the beach

Ringed Plover chick, one of three who scattered as we walked along near a shingle bank

One of the two adult Ringed Plovers who did the usual distraction display but we let them be and they settled quickly again on what can be a busy beach

Around eight Dolphins went southward about half a mile offshore

Just two of the few photos I was able to get but when just watching they did some spectacular leaps which Olive could even see without binoculars, she forgot them again......

Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly, first I've seen this year so I've over-done the photos posted

The green underside which gives it the name

Meadow Brown Butterfly, pesky grass always in the way and with sun and heat all of butterflies were very active

Ringlet Butterfly

Common Blue Butterfly (not a small blue as I had before, I was thinking one photo ahead and had small stuck in my brain)

Small Heath Butterfly

Not another Osprey you might say, this one though was circling over the Glaxo complex in Montrose and occasionally drifting over the estuary. Seen from the car park at Ferryden and not a place I've seen one before.

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