Saturday, 29 July 2017

Summer Gulls and bad news for the Little Ringed Plovers

It's thought the Little Ringed Plovers in the previous post have failed again and it's possible that the eggs could have been accidentally broken by some of the very many Greylag Geese around the nest area. I've been told that elsewhere in Angus other Little Ringed Plovers have had success.

These below are from Arbroath, Montrose Basin and Murton, all taken this week

Little Gull at West links, Arbroath. Viewed from near to the paddling pool and play park. Note a green ring on the gull top of photo and one I'll try to get when I have a spare half hour

Mediterranean Gull, same site as above, both there at the same time

Black-headed Gull J4U3 returns again this year to the Old Harbour at Montrose Basin. Other photos showed the ring

A distant Whimbrel seen from Maryton Ditch, it was a bit closer when the black clouds came over

One of three Little Egrets at Miss Erskine's Bank one evening this week

Three Canada Geese amongst the Lapwings, from the Gladstone Hide at Murton

Female Green-veined White preparing to mate, the male flying in is cropped out and was out of focus

Six Spot Burnet Moth at Murton

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