Saturday, 19 August 2017

Little Gull, Wheatears and more Skua action

Some days I think it's a conspiracy against birders and photographers. There I was sitting on the rock armour at Inchcape Park in Arbroath trying to get closer to a Little Gull, Terns and Wheatears, then and I believe it was on purpose, some lunatic from the nearest camper van starts flying a bright and noisy kite above my head! The two photos below were before the Little Gull and the terns departed.

Earlier I'd taken Olive for a walk along the beach at Kinnaber Links and despite it being near high tide when the Skuas aren't so active we still saw a few around and the photo below although distant shows three of them chasing a young gull.

An earlier video of a young Grey Heron, click here,

Adult Little Gull, Inchcape

This one shows part of the black underwing

One of two Wheatears which also fled the kite

I'm surprised I got this much of a photo as they were about half a mile out to sea, three on one

A dark form Arctic Skua, none came near the beach today, probably as there wasn't many targets to chase

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