Thursday, 7 September 2017

Black Tern Invasion!

Black Terns have appeared at three sites in Angus over the last few days, Arbroath Harbour, Whiting Ness and Lunan Bay. Two have been seen often as the tide rises on the beach and pillars near the sewage pump building between the Signal Tower Museum and Gayfield Park (home of the Mighty Red Lichties).

Black Tern, small when compared to the other terns. Those with patience (not me) should be able to get a decent photo if the birds stay around.

There's another incoming Tern out of shot but the second Black tern had flown southward

Peace returned but seconds later the Black Tern flew off, they don't seem comfortable alongside their boisterous neighbours

At first I thought this pale bird might be a Roseate but it looks like it's probably just a pale Common Tern

Great Skua (Bonxie) at Scurdie Ness, just a bit too far away from me. Another two were reported sitting out to sea

One of three Wheaters between Arbroath Harbour and the paddling pool

One of a gang Great Black-backed Gulls who had spotted a dead fish being uncovered as the tide went out

This young Herring Gull was so tame I reckon I could have patted it on the head

Olive said it was too dark for this photo.....

Mute Swan Cygnet at Keptie Pond involved in some intensive preening

Grey Heron at Keptie Pond feasting on the small Roach

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