Saturday, 21 October 2017

Barry Buddon, from Jays to Pink-foots

Starting at Barry Halt where I found the red flags weren't flying I embarked on a 6 mile trek through the Barry Buddon Camp to the lighthouses and onward north along the coast returning through Carnoustie Golf Links. Immediately I saw Jays, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Redwing, migrant Blackbird, Goldfinch and Greenfinch. Then it went quiet until I reached the lighthouses where 2 Wrens and 3 Stonechats were the only birds seen. There were a few waders along the beach, with Bar-tailed Godwit, Golden Plover, Sanderling but no Grey Plover and around 20 Common Scoter and a Red-throated Diver nearer the golf end.

A Grouse addition picked up from RaptorPresecutionUK, if only all grouse estates could aspire to this,   click here for Glen Tanar Blog

One of at least 3 Jays flying from Barry Buddon into Carnoustie collecting acorns to be cached back on the camp. You can see and acorn in its beak and a full crop in the photo

Although this Pink-footed Goose looks uninjured, its plumage in good condition, it's very thin so its future doesn't look good. On the beach near the lighthouses and disappeared into the dunes

You can see its stomach is empty with a clear fold of skin showing

At first I thought this Wigeon might also be troubled but it eventually decided I'd got too close, there's nowhere to hide on a flat beach on a sunny day

Golden Plover



Half of a flight of Oystercatchers

Red-throated Diver in between the five foot waves where the rock armour is protecting the coastline

This Stonechat was almost on the Golf Links but didn't count against a list

Reed Bunting female in the same bush on the Golf/Camp fence line

Carrion Crow at Victoria Park, Arbroath where Redshank, Turnstone, Black-headed Gulls, Common Gulls, Pied Wagtails and around 12 Rock Pipits were feeding on the tide line

Rock Pipit

A nearly photo, I just pointed the camera in the direction but didn't get anything sharp or in focus, heyho!

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