Sunday, 19 November 2017

Denlethen Wood, Laurencekirk (and nearby)

A look at a small forest near Laurencekirk where my grandson hopes to find a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I did a short survey of part of the wood where I found a single Buzzard and a Coal Tit. On the neighbouring farmland, especially a newly ploughed field and hedge line a few more birds were seen.

Ellis, your challenge is to find some of these birds, especially the Bullfinches, and your Mum's challenge is to photograph one!

Male Bullfinch, I'm seeing Bullfinches everywhere just now and most have been males in small groups

This Buzzard looks to have a full crop, perhaps it had been following the plough in the field next to the wood feeding on worms

Lots of Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws in the Laurencekirk area

One of a small flock of Fieldfares that had been feeding on berries along a track

At least one Redwing with the Fieldfares but always far off

Yellowhammer in the remains of the sun near sunset

Mallard drakes fighting at Stonehaven beach. There were many squabbles but this one lasted for minutes with the birds in a tight circle chasing and pecking at each other. Unfortunately they remained in the shade of high banks and a footbridge

Drake and duck Pintails, over 40 were at Tayock, Montrose Basin this week

Purple Sandpipers highlighted in the late sun, too much light for the Sanderling in the background

Little Grebe, still about 20 at the Lurgies

On a dull day at Stonehaven this Redshank was about the only colour around

Female Teal at Montrose Basin. Still not seeing many Teal and only had one on my Webs count today at Easthaven

Panto season, "it's behind you". Not as sinister as this looks, the young Herring Gull was landing not stalking

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