Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sparrowhawk (rub hands down thighs, as Chris Packham)

Just going out and I noticed the silence in my garden and correctly assumed a Sparrowhawk had been. I didn't think it would still be there and be approachable though. I wonder if it was a migrant bird following prey but as it was a 1st winter I don't know if they do migrate but it seems likely?

Full frame Sparrowhawk video, click here,

Some others including, Waders, Wigeon and a Whitewater Kayaker

Curlew, seen while I was trying to re-locate the White-rumped Sandpiper further along the beach, I didn't find it

Grey Plover, one of six near Hatton and a further five were at Craigmill

Sanderling on another day when the BBC Weather people lied....

Pied Wagtail standing on the ridge left by the tractor which travelled along the beach

These Wigeon at Keptie Pond were photographed near dusk on a slow shutter speed. Four more Wigeon and seven Goosanders were present on 14/11/2017

I'd gone up to the Gannochy Gorge on the North Esk near Edzell on the off chance some salmon would be running but the water was low. My substitute was to be the kayakers coming down the fish-ladder fall but it had a very large tree jammed in it making it unsafe. This guy got back on the water below the fall using a "seal launch" from a 3 metre drop. I remember doing the same in the "good old days"

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