Saturday, 9 December 2017

Common Seal Pup, Westhaven

I believe the phrase used to describe this Common Seal pup by my teenage grand-daughters was, "aw sooo cute". I believe that's the correct lingo for the "yoof"  Thanks to Barry Farquharson for confirming what I'd originally thought, it is a Common Seal, the shape of the nostrils are diagnostic. I've just found an old document on a backup drive which was what I'd looked for on the web and couldn't find again.

Some other photos from Barry Buddon and Carnoustie Golf Links.

Common Seal pup at Westhaven, click here for HD video,

Common Seal pup resting on rocks as the tide rose and the sun set at Westhaven on Friday

A golden glow from the winter sunlight. It was still just 2 degrees though and a howling wind

A better Redwing photo but was it worth freezing in a breeze block sentry post when they'd already eaten most of the berries on the outside of the bushes

Goldfinch on Barry Buddon, Olive's favourite bird I suspect, but they haven't come to her garden yet this winter

Long-tailed Tit, one of a flock of about ten at the practice ground car park on Carnoustie Golf Links

Robin at Cowbyres on Barry Buddon, being lit up by the sun reflecting on the painted sign


  1. Seal looks to be a Common. Grey Seals nostril alignment head-on are vertically aligned parallel slits when closed. Common are diagonal forming a small, neat V shape.

  2. Thanks Barry, I had it as a Common Seal based on the nostrils but the breeding season for the common didn't suit the size, I thought a pup that age, from this summer would be bigger. It doesn't help looking up Google for photos as half of them appear to be wrong!