Saturday, 25 February 2017

Smew time, and the Grebes are still around

The drake Smew currently at Kinnordy is as expected a wary bird and it caught me off guard as it appeared from behind the reeds and immediately started to swim away despite any movement or noise from me the only person in the hide. The Red-necked Grebe is still at Lintrathen and although closer is still keeping a safe distance and out of range for photography.

Smew video, click here  (the first part is at half speed, the second across the width of Kinnordy)

Red-necked Grebe video (distant)                          Snipe video, Kinnordy

Drake Smew at Kinnordy, from the East Hide

On its way towards the far bank.....

If only all birds would be as confiding as this Great Crested Grebe which came very close to the New Hide at Lintrathen. This photo was taken in quite poor light but the closeness really helped

The Red-necked Grebe from the New Hide but never close for a proper photo

Despite the high water level at Kinnordy a few Snipe are still feeding on the almost submerged bog bean

Why don't we put feeders where there is some light. Song Thrush at Kinnordy

Lunch for this Great Black-backed Gull at McDonalds in Arbroath

The diseased Woodpigeon is looking worse

Still getting the leucistic Tree Sparrow every day with around twenty of its mates in my garden

Monday, 20 February 2017

American Wigeon in Fife

I made the trip to Birnie and Gaddon Lochs in Fife today in the hope of getting a closer photo of an American Wigeon and I'm happy with these but of course if it had come closer and I didn't need the teleconverter, hey ho

American Wigeon video (HD 25fps), click here

American Wigeon drake doing a bit of feather maintenance

Drake Goldeneye, taken while waiting for the Wigeon to swim closer

The first time I've seen a bird of any interest at my step-daughters and it's in the week she's moving house. I saw this male Sparrowhawk fly into the tree and the gulls chasing it made a racket until they eventually moved it on

Some concern over this Woodpigeon which I believe has Trichomoniasis although not the worst case I've seen. Past birds seen in my garden haven't survived and unfortunately it can be spread to other species. It's the first one I've seen for a few years and since a neighbour cut down some bushes I don't get Greenfinches the other birds more commonly affected