Friday, 28 April 2017

House Sparrow and Tree Sparrow, "The Odd Couple"

Video below of a House Sparrow nest being attended by a female House Sparrow and a Tree Sparrow of unknown gender. I'm not sure if they are a couple, if the Tree Sparrow is acting as an "auntie" or is a broody male. I've watched both birds taking food into the nest, each spending some time brooding, changeovers, both in the nest together and both flying off together to forage. The clip is two edits from seven clips I took today spliced crudely together.

House Sparrow/Tree Sparrow, click here for video

Osprey, Red Kite and Whimbrels and maybe spring might arrive properly!!

Photos from a few visits to Montrose Basin and East Haven, with a couple of visitors from my garden. Just at the end of this week things got slightly warmer and it looks likes birds are beginning to move so I hope I'll have more migrants to post over the next week or so.

I'm watching some interesting behaviour at a roof top House Sparrow nest just now and will post my conclusions once I've spent more time watching what's going on and coming up with an answer!

Osprey before a fishing attempt at Montrose Basin which did prove successful as I saw it eating the head of a flounder on the mid basin tree before flying off to deliver the body to his mate

Next frame showing the same Osprey

A Red Kite over Miss Erskine's Bank being harried by Shelducks but their lack of mobility didn't pose any problems for the more agile Red Kite

First Whimbrels for me this season at East Haven, another bird was present but not photographed as it was even further away than these

This might be the other Whimbrel or just one of the two above, I can't remember

East of East Haven a large number, possibly as many as 70 Sanderlings were on the high tide line, some showing more breeding plumage than others. These were unusually wary, probably due to the strong wind but with a bit care we managed to get past them without scaring them away

About half of a flock of Black-tailed Godwits currently at Montrose Basin, these were seen at the Slunks, Lurgies and Maryton Ditch

A Willow Warbler, photographed before it manages to disappear in the rapidly growing foliage on the path-side trees at the Lurgies

The only bird of any interest at the Bank of Scotland Hide was this fishing Grey Heron, but yesterday two Spotted Redshanks were reported nearby

We used to get Collared Doves in the garden and this is the first for years and only came in on one of the coldest and windiest days this week

This Feral Pigeon has black eyes which is different from the red/orange of the others and I believe it could be the offspring of an escaped special breed we had a few years ago which I'll investigate if I can