Saturday, 13 May 2017

Garden Warbler

A Garden Warbler in the open, well for one of these which are usually heard and seldom seen the photo below is in the open and a few days from now when the leaves grow it will disappear for the season.

I also caught up with some Grey Wagtails and a Dipper at Powmouth and saw my first two Whitethroats of the year along with Blackcaps, Willow Warblers and many Swallows, House Martins and some nest prospecting Sand Martins.

Garden Warbler, near Powmouth

A crop of the one above which itself was cropped from a 6000 by 4000 photo taken on a dull day with a strong wind, one of only three shots I got

One of two Grey Wagtail chicks I saw being fed by both parents, hopefully I just didn't see some others. See the link to the photo below posted before on this blog

Very likely as both photos were taken in almost exactly the same place that these are the parents. This was taken on April 6th in much better conditions

Dipper, upstream of the metal foot bridge at Powmouth

A female Eider looking for somewhere to nest was sitting on top of the dyke near the Shelduck Hide at Montrose Basin, last seen in the middle of the path, let's hope it finds a better spot

Rubbish photo in more ways than one, of a distant Lesser Black-backed Gull from the Shelduck Hide but included to show the polythene caught around both feet. A real life example of what our rubbish does to wildlife and I wonder if it had to struggle free from a larger piece

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Little Egret and inland Black-tailed Godwits

At long last I caught up with the Little Egret at Montrose Basin today and although it was far out on the mud the dull light in the morning allowed a record photo and a video clip.

Murton still had Black-tailed Godwits and numbers had increased to 29 today and an odd duck flew in with a small flock of Tufted Ducks.

At Balgavies I recorded a singing warbler which proved to a Garden Warbler, I'd heard it sing two days ago but wanted to confirm the ID and the bird was seen briefly today but as usual it stopped singing and disappeared.

Little Egret in one of the shallow channels to the east of the path from the Old Harbour

Most of the 29 Black-tailed Godwits at Murton NR today

A few of the Godwits which had been flushed by a passing Osprey, thought to be the male from Balgavies

The lower duck on the right appears to be a hybrid, maybe a bit of Goldeneye, who knows?

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Woodcock in Glenesk, and a supporting cast

A very rare opportunity on a trip to Glenesk in Angus when in the middle of the day a Woodcock stepped into view within photo distance of the fenced track I was on. Also on the trip, Cuckoos at various places, heard but never seen, a single male Ring Ouzel, Tree Pipits, many Mistle and Song Thrushes, Redstarts, Red-legged Partridges, Lapwings, Curlew, Oystercatchers, Siskins, Lesser Redpoll, Bullfinch and an Osprey failing to catch a fish in three attempts. No Spotted Flycatchers seen despite a long search.

Note to self and photographers, a repeat trip from the south bank of the North Esk may be a better option unless in early morning, the light in late morning onward was always wrong.

Woodcock, it had the decency to stand still for a couple of seconds in a small bit of shade in otherwise bright sunlight. It's looking directly at Olive as she fumbled to get her binoculars on it......

Common Sandpiper on the North Esk near Auchintoul where I also found a pair of Redstarts, unfortunately they remained directly into the sun in a tree

This Common Sandpiper is one of a pair on the shores of Lochlee

Good to see a Tree Pipit in exactly the same place as previous years in the Haughend area of the Glen. Good to hear the song as elsewhere I found a Meadow Pipit in a tree but in different habitat before it returned to forage on the ground

Monday, 8 May 2017

Glossy Ibis at Kinnordy, also Murton, Balgavies and of course the Lurgies

Although the Glossy Ibis at Kinnordy today is undoubtedly the highlight it doesn't get top billing as it was only seen from at the other side of the loch fleetingly as it moved around to feed. Hopefully it's doing a recce around the loch with a view to staying for a while. The photos below are instead listed in order of time taken during the day and start at Montrose Basin where I'd gone in the hope the Ibis which hadn't been seen in the morning may have moved there, it obviously hadn't when it was reported from the Gullery Hide near lunchtime.

Osprey, Lurgies, it wasn't having much success in even finding a fish in the strong wind and choppy waters

Pink-footed Goose, Lurgies. Still a few Pink-foots around and initially I thought this one might be the one which remained all of last summer but that's to be seen

Song Thrush fledgling, Lurgies. Great to see the first new life this year at the Lurgies and the large flocks of Eider will soon be ensuring we see many more if they can avoid the Great Black-backed Gull onslaught

Glossy Ibis at 200 metres, Kinnordy, honest it is an Ibis.... Seen from the Swamp Hide but it had originally been in front of the Gullery Hide

Redshank, Kinnordy, also from the Swamp Hide

Another Shoveler drake at Kinnordy

One of 15 Black-tailed Godwits at Murton and the only adult in breeding plumage

Dunnock, Murton

Osprey male Green BF at Balgavies. First seen as it appeared to sitting in the water but it was standing on a stone or log just under the surface halfway down the loch. The terrapin was showing well although its sun-bathing spot isn't close enough for photos

Lesser Redpoll at Balgavies Hide. Good to see that the keeping the feeders topped up has resulted in birds usually only seen in winter have remained loyal to the hide, today Siskins and Goldfinches were visiting