Friday, 16 June 2017

When you're having a bad day.....

I watched the Carrion Crow in the first photo landing in the tall reeds in front of the Gullery Hide at Kinnordy and feared for a Willow Warbler nest nearby but after a while it flew off with a frog which is behaviour I can't recall seeing before. Not only was the frog having a bad day but the House Sparrow fledgling in the second photo looks like it's in need of some personal hygiene or had it just fallen in my pond?

I've seen the Marsh Harriers take frogs but not the crows but as they're clever birds they'll take what they can get when feeding young

Bedraggled for sure

A day after I took this photo a second Little Egret had turned up at Montrose Basin, hopefully it will feed a closer than this one

A male Yellowhammer standing guard near his mate who'll be sitting on a nest just now

One of the many Eider ducks who have failed to breed or been predated at the Basin

The Spoonbill leaving a deposit on the mud from the air as it flew up towards Miss Erskine's Bank to roost at high tide

Monday, 12 June 2017

Sanderlings still at Easthaven

Some late Sanderlings at Easthaven displaying various stages of breeding plumage, the last photo I'm posting of a Spoonbill unless it comes much closer and a Linnet watching Ron and me while we watched the Spoonbill.

Spoonbill feeding at Montrose Basin, for video click here

Sanderlings at Easthaven, for video HD click here,

Taken on my Webs count with my SX60 in poor light but as they were fairly close I got this decent photo for the camera which serves the purpose of showing the variation

In front of the Old Harbour today about two hours before high tide, the closest I've seen it

Linnet keeping an eye on Ron and I until walkers flushed it

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Spoonbill still at Montrose Basin

Back at Montrose Basin on a Saturday evening, I was hoping to find the Little Stint again but with some sun on its back, instead one of the "missing" Spoonbills the 1st summer bird flew in unexpectedly. Also around was the long staying Little Egret and two Ospreys visited and fished, but I'm not sure if they actually caught anything while I watched.

I managed a few photos of the Spoonbill which had landed on the shingle on the river edge close to the Shelduck Hide where it preened and then hopped about drying its feathers before flying down into the basin to feed in one of the channels. I wonder where the older Spoonbill has gone and noted that a single Spoonbill was seen on Saturday on the Garnock Estuary in Ayrshire.

Found this House Martin sitting in a part built nest on Olive's house recently lit up by an orange sun near to dusk